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Work Advai

The Challenge

We always enjoy being tasked with creating a new website for a startup business, which was the case for Advai. We were given a reasonably complex Figma design and tasked with making a pixel perfect site coupled with a CMS system. 

Our Approach

We started the Advai website project using our base LinearPro package and built a fully custom theme to match the design. The design included some newspaper feel concepts in the article sections which were challenging to create. We were able to adapt our base package to the theme adding in additional settings options where required. The site is hosted dedicated and isolated in the clients tenant but we use our own automated DevOps build which pushes to the clients web apps.


We are responsible for maintaining the CMS including frontend and back-office updates. We offer insights into what is and is not feasible, advise on time scales for updates and upgrades and we always review the security, governance and compliance legally. We work with the client to make sure the site performs well for both front end users and back-office editors and presents itself well to search engines.


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