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Capital on Tap provides an all-in-one small business credit card and spend management platform.

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The Challenge

Originally we were tasked with replacing an old CMS with an Umbraco CMS solution. The old solution was not editor friendly, in fact editors were checking in code to update it and deployments were manual. The front end code was slow performance wise and was dependant on many 3rd party packages. This was not scalable, what was needed was a marketing and sales focused website design and structure plus an easy to use editor with an eye on detail for performance and SEO optimisation.

Our Approach

Working with the client we were provided with fresh designs in Figma, then using our LinearPro base package we were able to adapt the code base to make it fit with the design pixel perfect. Our frontend base code is extremely high performance so we are able to produce high quality code in a vastly reduced time frame as a result. We can generate back-office CSS and use this to create a visual editor experience almost like editing a live website. Our LinearPro package includes tools for managing SEO, sitemaps, structured data and we can integrate 3rd party scripts and platforms with ease. The editors were able to get up to speed very quickly within a few weeks with little support and the feedback was very strong.


We are responsible for maintaining the CMS including frontend and back-office updates. We offer insights into what is and is not feasible, advise on time scales for updates and upgrades and we always review the security, governance and compliance legally. We work with the client to make sure the site performs well for both end users and back-office editors and presents itself well to search engines.


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