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The Challenge

The client approached us with a design that they were trying to build in Square Space. They didn't have the all the features they needed and freedom to build their new design.

Our Approach

We analysed the design as well as the animation feature in the hero. Built on LinearPro using some custom coding to get the extra design features. Our efforts extended to suggesting improvements for enhanced SEO and increased client applications. Custom work on the contact form to enable candidates to apply for specific positions. Upon completing the website, we identified a performance issue with the client's hero animation significantly affecting page speed scores. To address this, we implemented a bespoke solution, resulting in a notable improvement, with the mobile page speed now achieving a score of 94.


We are responsible for maintaining the CMS including frontend and back-office updates. We offer insights into what is and is not feasible, advise on time scales for updates and upgrades and we always review the security, governance and compliance legally. We work with the client to make sure the site performs well for both front end users and back-office editors and presents itself well to search engines.


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