INUO! is an operational consulting firm that work alongside CEOs & top decision-makers to rapidly unleash their full potential business impact.

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The Challenge

We always enjoy being tasked with creating a new website for a startup business, which was the case for Inuo. Initially the client wanted the site in wordpress but we wanted a more scalable solution with more granular control. With our LinearPro solution we can start with the base code and grow it over time, customising and upgrading as we go, it is also portable from one environment to another so for this reason we opted for Umbraco CMS and LinearPro.

Our Approach

We started the Inuo website project using our base LinearPro package and theme and customised it to fit with the brand. The design and structure of the website is continuously being tweaked and we work closely with the client to assist with content and editing also. In fact we do live sessions where we update the content in real time with the client, which they love because they can be involved with the process. This allows us to be extremely agile. We have developed enough customisable settings on the modules and a rapid workflow to make this possible. The site road map is for it to be multi-lingual as a result requires a dedicated isolated hosting configuration, we have integrated an AI language translator in the back office to facilitate with rapid translation within the CMS.


We are responsible for maintaining the CMS including frontend and back-office updates. We offer insights into what is and is not feasible, advise on time scales for updates and upgrades and we always review the security, governance and compliance legally. We work with the client to make sure the site performs well for both front end users and back-office editors and presents itself well to search engines.


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