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Effective and affordable social media management, built for you.

Our BuiltForYou social media management service is designed to elevate your online presence, engage your audience, and maximise your brand's impact across the world's most popular platforms.

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Consistent & quality content

SEO optimised and engaging

Planning, scheduling & approvals

Latest tools and platforms

Monthly reporting and feedback

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Relationship building across your social channels is key.

Our built for you social media marketing emphasises storytelling, brand awareness, and building relationships with your audience through engaging content, establishing authority, and direct interaction. By strategically sharing your latest articles and achievements, you foster trust in your brand and capabilities. It's not about hard selling, but rather creating opportunities for authentic connections between you and your audience.

Content Planning

Content Creation

Content Approval

Analytics Reports

Management Portal

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Get involved with your social media.

We thrive on challenges and are eager to collaborate with you in effectively delivering your message to your audience. Your involvement with social media marketing is key to it's messaging and effectiveness. We want you to be seen, heard, and appreciated online so we will work with you to put your stamp and voice on your posts.

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Why social media marketing?

At BuiltForYou, we recognise the importance of social media marketing (SMM) in enhancing brand visibility, fostering customer engagement, and fuelling business growth. From content distribution to audience engagement and competitor analysis, SMM offers diverse benefits. Leveraging SMM analytics, we empower data-driven strategies, optimisation, and measurement of social media impact.

Consistent Branding

Content Distribution

Community Building

Competitor Analysis

Data-Driven Insights

Efficiency & Productivity

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